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Mortgage Savings for First Responders, Military, and Healthcare Professionals

Special loan programs have been designed to help first responders, military, and healthcare professionals save money when purchasing or refinancing a home. First Ohio Home Finance is helping hometown heroes throughout the state of Ohio find savings with the Homes for Heroes program of the Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA). Qualifying applicants receive discounted interest rates and down payment assistance, resulting in thousands of dollars saved versus a traditional conventional loan. These programs are available at no additional cost to qualified borrowers. Take our eligibility questionnaire today to see if you qualify!


Where do I start?

Find a lender that you can rely on with experience in your market. Ask family, friends and colleagues for recommendations of lenders who have helped them when purchasing a home. Research your choice and find online reviews and ratings to make sure you’re working with a experienced lender. It’s better to work with someone in your neighborhood. A good lender should have a personal connection to you and your future home.

Get pre-qualified for a loan. This will make it easier to move quickly when you find the home you want to purchase. Contact your lender to complete a loan pre-qualification application. A pre-qualified buyer has an advantage when shopping for homes and can help set you apart from other buyers in a competitive market.

Start shopping around. Work with your real estate agent to find your perfect home. There are a plethora of online tools like Zillow.com which make it easy to browse for homes and compare prices.

Get your home! Your lender will help you through the loan process, answering any questions and making sure the process goes smoothly. Soon you’ll be ready to move in!

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